empower your team
One of the challenges faced by leaders is discovering how they can motivate their teams. In earlier theories on leadership, we believed great leaders were born. The “great man” theory believed natural-born leaders could motivate using one style.
In later theories we started to look more into the behaviors that work for leaders. We now know that effective leadership is contingent upon many factors.
One factor is discovering what motivates people. Some people get motivated by intrinsic factors like recognition. Others may be more motivated by extrinsic factors such as a pay increase or a better office. It is the responsibility of the leader to discover what motivates them.
Another aspect to develop motivation for leaders is leading by example. There is nothing more disheartening than working for a “leader” who does nothing. People get motivated when their leader isn’t afraid to get down in the trenches with the team.
As a project manager I try to find different ways to motivate the team. I have found that using interpersonal skills to connect with people goes a long way. I also find that people work better when you give them space. This shows them that you trust them.
What challenges do you face in developing motivation and empowering your team?

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