“Management must understand and act on the problems that rob the production worker of the possibility of carrying out his work with satisfaction” – Dr Deming

Are you frustrated that your manager doesn’t understand the problems you face? Does your manager not have a strong grasp of the companies product or service? Unfortunately, this problem has become quite common, particularly in information technology.

Part of the problem is that companies fail to promote from within. In my experience, some of the best organizations I have worked with all promoted from within. When I worked for UPS years ago, some of the best corporate managers began their careers loading trucks. They understood the business from the ground up. As they advanced their careers, they developed leadership skills because they interacted with people at all levels.

In Japan, companies need new hire graduates to start their career with a long internship. They wouldn’t care if you had an MBA, you could be delivering meat for a few years before ever sitting in an office. The benefit is that the employee not only learns the business, they learn the problems of production.

Yes, sometimes you need to hire outside talent. But hiring outside should be your last resort. Most organizations have plenty of talented people who are just waiting for the opportunity to move into a leadership role. Companies need to take advantage of this and institute training and leadership. If they don’t, the result could be poor quality, frustrated employees, and a high churn rate.

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