This morning I had the privilege of hearing keynote speaker Roshini  Rajkumar give a talk called  “Own Your WOW”.  The event was the Minnesota Business Magazine October Executive Breakfast. Roshini is a professional speaker and presence engineer. Her passionate, humorous, and audience engaging talk was fantastic!

As Roshini walked about giving her talk, to my surprise she approached me and asked what I did. Speaking in front of at least 80 business leaders, I uncomfortably told her I was technology consultant, specializing in project management. She pressed me by asking what makes me different from others in my field. I then began to relax and explained I’m an IT guy who also gets business, people and relationships. Luckily she was able to bring some authenticity out of me. This was an awkward moment for sure,  in front of a huge group, but she may have just helped me discover my Wow.

Roshini’s message is this, understand what makes you special and then own it! It’s not bragging or showing off to own the fact that you are great in a certain area. In fact, if you don’t own your wow, you’ll be lost in the crowd.

Below are just some of my key takeaways. Some of these pearls of wisdom came from audience members.

  • Exude confidence and passion in whatever it is that you rock at.
  • Have a positive attitude. An 80 year old gentleman in the audience said whenever he’s asked how he’s doing, regardless of how he feels, he says fantastic! This positive mindset then changes the way he feels for the better.
  • Transfer your enthusiasm to others. Particularly in sales, when you are enthusiastic, the enthusiasm transfers to your buyers.
  • Trust is key. You develop trust by wanting to use your talents to help others. After time, you will build a brand of trust and integrity.

Thanks Roshini for a wonderful talk!

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