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12 Ways Management Can Empower Teams And Create Agility

With the advance of technology and globalization, organizations today must have agility. It doesn’t matter the industry, companies need to be able to adapt to change. As a consultant, I’ve seen this need first hand throughout the tech, retail, and financial industries. Gone are the days when different departments within a company worked in silos. Companies who still […]

Difficult project stakeholders? Here are 5 ways to deal with them

5 ways to deal with difficult project stakeholders Project managers have an ethical responsibility to keep their project stakeholders informed. How much to keep stakeholder informed, and satisfied, depends on the level of power and interest of the stakeholder. If you’ve ever managed projects, odds are you had to deal with a difficult stakeholder at […]

5 reasons project managers make lousy scrum masters

As the Agile movement continues to grow, the demand for scrum masters has increased. Traditional project managers have caught on and they’re disguising themselves as scrum masters. With a small fudge of the resume, they’re hired as scrum masters. What’s the problem? Project managers make lousy scrum masters. Now, don’t freak out and get offended. When […]

The identity crisis of the IT project manager

The IT project manager role is one of the most in demand and sought after positions in technology. Ask any hiring manager and they will tell you that finding a good IT project manager is difficult. I’ve seen people with the most impressive credentials crash and burn trying to manage IT projects. So what exactly is […]

Managing projects in a global operating environment

Project managers need to be culturally versed to work in the global economy. Being open to learning new cultures helps foster good relationships. One way to do this is by developing cultural intelligence (CQ). “Cultural intelligence refers to a person’s ability to use reasoning and observation skills to interpret unfamiliar gestures and situations and devise appropriate behavioral […]

Communicating as a project manager – Don’t sugar coat it!

This morning I attended a PMI Minnesota chapter breakfast. The presenter, Gus Broman, spoke about the importance of communication in project management. Gus gave a good talk and as usual with PMI events, there was good discussion among the attendees. Although it wasn’t a big focus of Gus’s talk, one point he mentioned was being […]

The art of being an Agile project manager

The Agile project manager role has become quite common. As more organizations adopt Agile, the traditional project manager role has morphed into a hybrid Scrum Master. For those of us working as Agile project managers, we have the challenge of blending two different, even opposing, roles into one. It begs us to question, can one even be an Agile project manager? […]

Leading cause of failed Agile projects? Company culture not aligned with core Agile values

In the 2015 VersionOne state of Agile survey, the top reason for failed Agile projects (46% of respondents) was company culture being at odds with core Agile values. I’ve experienced this myself. Companies understand they need to get better at delivering software, so they decide to assemble Agile teams and bring in training. The Agile teams use all the […]

Agile Mindset – Why ‘Product’ Focus is so important

One of the most challenging aspects of Agile adoption is changing from a project mindset to a ‘product’ mindset. What’s the difference between the two? The below pictures outline the contrast between a project and product focus. A product focus is about stable cross-functional agile teams. Project work can flow through the teams, but the […]

Agile is Value Driven, Not Plan Driven

How many times have we all experienced this? Leadership asks for project status. What they want is a color. Is the project green, yellow or red? If it’s green, all is well. If it’s yellow, there is cause for concern. If it’s red, sound the alarm! And how do we justify whether a project is […]

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