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The Truth About the Limitation of Scrum

There is something I’d like to get off my chest. There is this notion in Agile that project management is no longer needed. Some even think that the role of a project manager will soon be extinct. Before we chase away project managers with pitch forks, lets back up a bit. I’m 100% on board […]

Digital Disruption Has Exposed a Need For Soft Skills

The PMI (Project Management Institute) released their 2018 Pulse of the Profession report. The report gives good insight into the current state of global project management. What I found most interesting was the effect of disruption on project management. We are in the midst of digital disruption affecting almost all industries. A good part of […]

Have People Had Enough Of Agile?

If you work in a business that has anything to do with technology, you are familiar with Agile. You know the Agile I’m talking about. The kind where teams sit together and deliver software in increments. Seems everywhere you turn these days you hear about Agile. Along with Agile’s popularity has come a title wave […]

Should a Scrum Master ever crack the whip?

We know the Scrum Master role is different from a project manager. Scrum Masters are servant leaders, coaches and facilitators. Project managers are more aligned with command and control. Does this mean that Scrum Masters should never crack the whip on the team? Well, yes and no. Just because Agile teams are self-organized, they sometimes […]

2 huge reasons your Agile team struggles to be Agile

In my recent post, problems with Scaled Agile, I discussed SAFe and the Agile mindset. Aside from debating the value in SAFe, the post created good dialogue about how to foster an Agile mindset within teams. That is, how to help teams become more collaborative, open and trusting. In my experience, teams often struggle adopting an Agile mindset for two obvious, yet overlooked reasons. Reason 1 […]

Why Cash is King

If you work in technology like me, you may not think there’s a need to focus much on finance. It is important though to understand the numbers, especially in project management.  In my next several blog posts I’m going to focus on financial management. To begin, let’s start with the green hard stuff, cash. When it comes to cash and […]

Why robots won’t provide as much value as people in the future

As we go about our daily busy lives, it’s easy to lose sight that we are in midst of a digital revolution. We take for granted what we are now doing through technology.  Using smart phones for Uber, tracking our daily activity through wearable devices, or speaking to an Amazon Echo are examples. It is incredible how fast […]

System integration testing, a 6 step survival guide

So you’ve gotten through your planning, design, development and application testing. Everything looks good, the team feels confident, and the project is on track. There’s only one problem. Up until this point you’ve been looking at your code changes with tunnel vision. Application testing is like fixing a bike tire while it’s not connected to the bike. […]

Own Your WOW!

This morning I had the privilege of hearing keynote speaker Roshini  Rajkumar give a talk called  “Own Your WOW”.  The event was the Minnesota Business Magazine October Executive Breakfast. Roshini is a professional speaker and presence engineer. Her passionate, humorous, and audience engaging talk was fantastic! As Roshini walked about giving her talk, to my surprise she approached […]

Top 10 influencers of the Agile software development movement

As a practitioner and student of Agile software development, I am fascinated by those who have influenced the Agile movement. For fun, I have decided to put together my personal top 10 list of those who I believe have influenced what we refer to as Agile software development. Not only have they influenced Agile, most of […]

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