Change Leader

What do you see as the one most important characteristics of a change leader? From my experience, working in technology, I’d have to place vision at the top. What separates great change leaders is their ability to see into the future and steer the organization on the right course.

Instead of focusing on what’s currently happening, change leaders envision what will be happening. They are always looking around the corner in search of the next big opportunity.

Although having vision may be the most important trait of a change leader, vision alone is not enough. Leader’s need to be able to instill their vision into others and motivate people to make their vision become a reality.

We’ve all worked with people who that had great ideas and visions but were unable to sell their ideas.  This is why persuasion and influence are also important characteristics of a change leader. Leaders must use intuition, influence, and persuasive to bring about effective change.

Steve Jobs, although he may have not been the most likable, had vision and persuasion. Jobs didn’t want Apple to just be a good computer company. He was passionate about Apple being the best. He used his passion to drive his vision into a reality by motivating others.

So what do you see as the one most important characteristics of a change leader?

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