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50% of your meetings are a waste of time!


Clutter! It shows up in all areas of our lives. At home, it’s easy to recognize clutter. When I arrive home at night, I can see when clutter starts building up in the kitchen and living room. I blame it on my 3 year old. At work, a different type of clutter happens and it’s harder to recognize.

I’m referring to meetings. We love to fill our calendars with meetings. The problem is that most meetings we attend don’t add value. Yes, when we first scheduled them, they seemed like a good idea. We then discover, after 1 or 2 meetings, they are unnecessary. Yet, we continue to attend them, knowing we are wasting our time.

Think about it. How many meetings do you attend where you provide the same updates, to the same people?

Observe people’s behavior when you are in meetings. Are they engaged and having a dialogue? Or is everyone looking down and frustrated? If the latter is true, there’s a good chance the meeting needs to go.

Time is our most precious resource and we can’t afford wasting it in meetings that don’t add value. Take a good look at your calendar and sit down with your colleagues to review the meetings. Decide what meetings are unnecessary, then get rid of them!

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Personal connections still matter

Check out the latest video from MacIsaac Consulting. Personal connections still matter!

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Introducing MacIsaac Consulting, a technology leadership company

For our first blog post, I’m thrilled to announce the start of MacIsaac Consulting! We are a new IT consulting company based in the twin cities of Minneapolis/St Paul.

As someone who has worked in the trenches of IT for over 15 years, it became clear to me a change was needed. Most IT firms don’t understand the importance of leadership and collaboration. They staff resources based only on their technical skills. Companies then suffer when they bring on technical resources who can’t work well with a team.

Gone are the days when IT would isolate from the rest of the organization, left to sit alone while writing code. Today, IT needs to engage with the business from the start of project initiation. Cross functional teams must partner early with the business to deliver effective technical solutions. The shift to Agile has made this collaboration an absolute necessity.

At MacIsaac Consulting, we are raising the bar for IT consulting. Our goal is to provide not only best in class technical experts, but also leadership. Real leadership doesn’t come in the form of a title or position. Leadership is when we put the greater good of the team before ourselves. Leaders exude a “can do” attitude and they do all they can to help their teammates. 

Our core values are trust, commitment and results. 

If you are interested in our services, connect with us here. We are strong advocates of Agile software delivery. 

If you are interested in joining our team, email your resume to Mike at [email protected] We are looking for entrepreneurial minded individuals who are ready to change the game!

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Kind Regards,

Mike MacIsaac – President and Principal Consultant



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