As we eagerly await the end of a dark cloud presidential election, a gem of an example of humility and grace has emerged. George H. W. Bush’s letter to Bill Clinton in 1993, which has gone viral on the web,  is a true lesson in leadership. If you watched the past three presidential debates, the letter from 1993 feels like a breath of fresh air.

Now, I don’t mean to get into politics here. This is not meant to support or oppose either of the candidates. The point is this, great leaders put aside their differences with others.  They display humility and admit their weaknesses. Their mission is not for personal gain, it is for the greater good of people and a cause.

As business and technology leaders, this is a great reminder to us.  How often do we get caught up in organization politics and lose sight of what’s important? It’s not about us. What matters most is the organizational mission, employees and customers.

We should all try emulate the humility, grace, and leadership displayed in Bush’s letter.

Below is a picture of the letter:

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