Change leaders, what do you think is their most important characteristic? For me, I say vision. Great leaders need the ability to see into the future and steer the organization on the right course. They should always be thinking about what’s around the corner.

change leaders

Although vision may be the most important trait of a change leader, vision alone is not enough. Leader’s need to instill their vision into others. For their vision to become a reality, they need to motivate people.

I have worked with some brilliant people who had great ideas and visions, but couldn’t sell their ideas. This is why persuasion and influence are also important characteristics of a change leader. It doesn’t matter how great your idea is, if you can’t give a good presentation, you will fall flat.

For change to happen, people need to become motivated and excited. Let’s face it, change is difficult. People don’t like to change. Even when we know we have to change, we prefer to stick with what’s familiar and comfortable. But change is necessary. It’s necessary in our personal lives, and in our organizations.

We cannot become stagnate. We should always be improving, growing, and challenging ourselves. We cannot settle. I once heard someone say –  “There is no end to better”. This is true when we have vision and continue to change.

If you don’t have a vision for the future, you’re heading for trouble. Just ask Radio Shack and Sports Authority. Aside from vision, we all need to be change leaders.

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