Leading technology projects

Leading technology projects, I’m often reminded that we need to slow down when tackling complex issues.

When faced with a problem, the tendency for most of us is to immediately act and do what our gut tells us. I call this the ready, fire, aim syndrome. Have you ever worked for a manager who had the team charge down a course of action only to realize after the fact it was a giant mistake? It’s not a good feeling and if you work in business and technology, I’m sure you’ve been there.

Here’s the key, although our instincts may be in the right place, it makes sense to slow down. When we slow down we can then think things through and look at the problem from different angles. Then, we can apply the action that will bring about the best solution.

Slowing down also enables us to get feedback from others. Sometimes there’s nothing more helpful than bringing in a fresh set of eyes for a different perspective and possible solution.

So the next time you’re ready to charge off into the battle, maybe take a step back and pause. Have you thought things through and engaged the right people? Is there even a need to act right away? Amazing things can happen when we sit still for a moment.

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