Self-actualization is your journey towards discovering the masterpiece inside you. One way to look at the self-actualization process, relates to Michaelangelo’s sculpture of David.

Word has it, when they asked Michaelangelo how he created the great masterpiece, he responded by saying “I just chipped away at what didn’t look like David”.


Michaelangelo may or may not have actually said this. This perspective though is a great way to look at our own journey towards self-actualization.

Discovering the intersection of your talents and passion, your sweet spot, is not easy. The good news is it’s never too late to discover the masterpiece inside you.

If you are crystal clear on your calling in life, great. If you are like most, trying to figure things out, here’s some advice. Instead of struggling to find your calling, just keep chipping away at what’s not you.

If you’re not fulfilled in whatever it is you’re doing, move on to something else. Keep trying new things, but don’t give up or settle. Follow your gut. This requires work and sacrifice, but all things worth while do.

The more your chip away at what’s not you, the closer you become to self-actualization.

Keep chipping away and you will discover the masterpiece inside you.

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